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Title: Leke Mod
Post by: AppleNinja on April 16, 2007, 05:17:38 am
Right now im making a mod called the "Ninja Tactics" mod. Its suppose to be some-sort of leke mod except with ninja weapons ;)
I hope you guys like my BETA releases that will be expected to be seen in the next week. By next Monday, I will have released a BETA.

Sorry, I have delayed this a bit, so I just started today. I had to go somewhere. The Beta release will be on thursday next week. Or Wednesday.

By the way, I cannot release this unless im a member. Otherwise its fake.

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: KiwiNinja on April 16, 2007, 03:01:34 pm
YAY! I'll go check your other mods so I know what to expect!

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: AppleNinja on April 17, 2007, 02:06:21 am

New Weapons!

Thanks for Kiwi, thinking of these awesome designs, members can know that we are in progress of this mod and not fluking it.
These are to be also known to be Kiwi's ideas, not just because I made them. Give credit to Kiwi too because without him it would be way more difficult. I thought of some names, so did he, and he also thought of what they should do. Congratz to Kiwi! :D

Snowflake Shuriken: Fires Shurikens at a rapid rate with fast loading time that are shaped like snowflakes. Does decent damage per hit.
NinjaPack: Lets you almost teleport around the map. Can be used as an ultrafast Jetpack. Or should I say...NinjaPack! ;)

Thats all for now. If I knew how I would make a level for leke to work in conjunction with this mod. Since this mod will work with almost any popular Liero X levels, I may not need to find out.
If you have any ideas for weapons, post them here in this thread with a detail of at least 55 words long of what it does. They will be then put into my consideration list, if Kiwi likes the idea, I will make em. :)

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: Shade on April 17, 2007, 03:43:20 am

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: AppleNinja on April 17, 2007, 03:57:46 am
It is put into my list of consideration. Only Kiwi can decide so I suggest you let him think of some more first.

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: KiwiNinja on April 18, 2007, 03:48:48 am
Weapon ideas

Weapons already in the pack.
Snowflake Shuriken: This weapon is a shuriken in the shape of a snowflake, named after SnowNinja.
Ninjapack: This is a super fast tricked out jet pack, really it's kinda overkill and will get you stuck more often than where you need to go.
Kiwikaze:A huge napalm twice the size of normal ones that explodes in a brillant green colour, named after KiwiNinja

Grass shuriken:Shurikens that when on impact with a target explode into poisonous gas, named after GrassNinja.
Lemon spray: A spray of yellow corrosive acids that will eat away at dirt and enemies health bar, named after LemonNinja.
Apple smite:Apples fall from the ceiling and strike opponents, named after AppleNinja (Trial).
Cherries: Like eyeballs from ToT just cherryish...

More weapons are coming please contact me if you have any good ideas.
Thank-you, KiwiNinja

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: Shade on April 19, 2007, 01:03:27 am
(2:24 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: Any leke Mod ideas?
(2:25 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: A few
(2:25 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: Shurikens - A MUST
(2:27 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: We have snowflake shurikens already
(2:27 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: And we have Grass shuriken as an idea
(2:29 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: Shadow Shurikens
(2:29 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: Small ones that shoot real fast
(2:30 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: you only see the shadow
(2:31 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: I really wanted a mist or a smokescreen weapon
(2:31 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: That dosen't inflict damage
(2:31 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: Shadow viel?
(2:31 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: veil*
(2:31 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: it covers the screen over a period of 20 seconds
(2:32 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: then lasts another 30 seconds
(2:32 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: um
(2:32 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: xD
(2:32 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: lets see
(2:33 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: that other idea what was it
(2:33 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: A curse
(2:33 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: Like the rad grenade?
(2:33 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: saps everyones energy over time
(2:33 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: I doubt it can be done
(2:34 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: Drugs
(2:34 PM) Dougal le Ninjah: Want me to host?
(2:34 PM) (`._.['Ĥ: We need drugs

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: AppleNinja on April 19, 2007, 04:34:14 am
Weapon Ideas

Packed Weapons
KiwiKaze A massive napalm named after my best friend KiwiNinja. Working on making it green.
Snowflake Shurikens Shurikens that look like snowflakes, named after SnowNinja
NinjaPack A crazy jetpack which acts like teleport, Kiwi insisted not to change it.
Weapons Coming
Weed(Drugs) A weapon which makes you heal. GrassNinja wanted me to change the name to weed.
Grass Shurikens A weapon which shoots grass shurikens that turn into chemical gas, named after GrassNinja
Apple Smite A weapon which airstrikes apples that blow up. Named after AppleNinja. Me.
Light Smasher A weapon which I thought of which shoots a massive beam of light.
KiwiKazi Strike A airstrike the drops KiwiKaze's.
Weapons InProgress
Lemon Spray A type of acid spray that is named after LemonNinja. It shoots lemon juice everywhere :P
Shadow Blast A blast which shoots a fuzzy black beam and does quite decent damage. Named After ShadowNinja.

More coming! Please report to Kiwi who will then make another one of these replys with his thoughts in it.

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: Shade on May 11, 2007, 11:42:22 pm
Drugs should also have the ability to damage u

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: KiwiNinja on May 15, 2007, 02:53:59 am
I can't gte mod working, everytime I download it comes up with a rar file...

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: CherryNinja on October 01, 2007, 12:12:06 am
or like Cherry Ballz like Bloody Eyes in ToT =D

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: AppleNinja on October 20, 2007, 11:14:54 pm

Title: Re: Leke Mod
Post by: AppleNinja on October 27, 2007, 08:11:56 pm
I am still working on this mod but there will be NO Kiwi or Grass weapons in it.
And I might rename it.

And Cherry, I might include your cherrybomb in but thats if we stop fighting.